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Benitez: I never banned Ramos from drinking beer

Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez denies he is unpleasant as he rubbished claims he banned Sergio Ramos from drinking beer.

Benitez, whose La Liga leaders host Las Palmas on Saturday, has been on the defensive often since he took the reins at Madrid in June.

Speaking to Radio Nacional on Thursday, he denied being a disagreeable coach.

"I've read that Benitez measures the amount of olive oil in the salads, or that Benitez banned Sergio Ramos from drinking beer, that was another ridiculous story doing the rounds," Benitez said.

"Around my friends I act exactly the way I always have."

Criticism of Benitez comes despite an impressive start to the season, including leading the league after scoring 21 goals and conceding just three in nine games.

Madrid are also second in Group A in the Champions League with seven points from three outings.

The negativity has even surprised Benitez.

"I'm surprised that despite all the good things happening, people have to focus on the bits we’re not doing so well," he said.

"I always say the same things to the Madridistas. We know where we want to be and we don’t want to veer off that path.

"We listen to voices outside the club but I have a team that advises me and keeps me focussed on our goals."