Biden: Sorry Barack, I'm watching World Cup

JOHANNESBURG - An unabashed U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told President Barack Obama on Friday he was sorry for leaving him behind to manage the oil spill but was thrilled to be watching the World Cup.

"I am honoured to be (here) representing the United States. The president is angry," Biden told a group of dignitaries at the U.S. consulate in Sandton, near Johannesburg.

Biden, who arrived in South Africa with several family members about a day ahead of the kick-off to the sports spectacle, told the group not to take the U.S. side lightly.

The United States play England in their opening Group C match on Saturday and the Irish-American Biden expects to be in attendance cheering on coach Bob Bradley's side.

"In the spirit of a genuine Irishman, we are going to beat England," Biden said.

The British oil company BP's Gulf of Mexico spill has given President Obama one of the biggest problems of his presidency.

The Vice President also offered his condolences to former South African President Nelson Mandela whose great granddaughter was killed in a car crash on the eve of the World Cup opening.

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