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Brian Rice would like to appeal George Oakley’s red card

Hamilton head coach Brian Rice believes they should be allowed to appeal against George Oakley’s red card.

Rice feels the football authorities need to change the rules so clubs can challenge a sending off for two yellows.

Hamilton striker Oakley was sent off against St Mirren following two cautions by referee David Munro.

But the second yellow card for contesting an aerial challenge alongside St Mirren defender Sean McLoughlin was extremely harsh, with television footage showing there was little contact.

And Rice, who has had three players sent off in the Ladbrokes Premiership this season, claims it is wrong they have no right to appeal against Oakley’s dismissal.

Rice said: “We’ve had three players sent off this season and I’ll never disagree with the first two sending offs and I won’t disagree with that one as well as the referee calls it as he sees it.

“We’ve got the benefit of looking back at it and slow motion. The referee has got to do his job at the time and whatever he sees you’ve got to abide by it.

“My only little thing about it is we can’t appeal the sending off as it’s two yellow cards. I think someone needs to have a look at that rule.

“In this day and age we’re going with VAR, we’re going with watches to tell us if the ball has crossed the line but we can’t appeal a second yellow card.

“It’s very unfair on George but I don’t blame the referee for a minute as they’ve got a very difficult job to do.”

Meanwhile, Rice insists he has never told a team to adopt time-wasting tactics after St Mirren manager Jim Goodwin claimed Accies came with a plan to delay the ball going back into play from the first minute.

He said: “Maybe I hold St Mirren in the same esteem as I hold Rangers and Celtic, it should be a compliment to Jim.

“Listen, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t take exception to anything anyone says.

“Were we time-wasting? Obviously not as the extra-time was three minutes.

“It’s not for me to comment on that, our game plan was not to time-waste, I can assure you of that. I’ve never done that in my life.

“Circumstances sometimes dictate, like getting a man sent off.”