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Champagne calls for introduction of sin bins

The Frenchman, who was part of Sepp Blatter's re-election campaign team in 2002, proposed the new initiatives on Monday as he announced his intention to run for president in 2015.

Champagne wants to create "a different FIFA" if elected and would also like to see dissent on the field result in the ball being moved forward like in rugby union.

Players who make "in-between fouls committed in the heat of the moment" would also receive an orange card and then spend a set time in the sin bin as part of Champagne's ambitious plans to overhaul current rules. 

The former FIFA deputy secretary said: "I believe we should have orange cards leading to sin bins for fouls that are more than yellow cards but not deserving a red one.

"Why do we not consider adopting a rule similar to one in rugby, allowing only the captain to approach the referee.

"And another rule allowing the ball to be placed 10 yards further forward whenever the decision for a free-kick is disputed."

Champagne is bidding to become the first French FIFA president since Jules Rimet, who held the position from 192 to 1954.