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Colombian Football Federation president Luis Bedoya resigns

Luis Bedoya resigned as president of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) on Monday, citing "reasons of a personal nature" behind his decision.

Bedoya - also a member of FIFA's Executive Committee - leaves his role at a time when world football's governing body is still reeling from the corruption scandal that led to the suspension of president Sepp Blatter and UEFA chief Michel Platini.

Both men deny any wrongdoing, while South American football was dragged into the scandal due to former CONMEBOL members being among a number of FIFA officials past and present indicted on charges of racketeering, conspiracy and corruption.

However, Bedoya, who was in charge of Colombian football since 2006, has not been implicated.

In his time at the helm, he has seen Colombia reach the quarter-final of the World Cup in Brazil last year, while also reaching the last eight of two Copa Americas.