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Del Nero elected as new president of the CBF

Del Nero, currently president of Brazilian club Figueirense, will take up his position in 2015 having been elected unopposed on Wednesday. 

He will take over from incumbent Jose Maria Marin - who had held the position since 2012 and is the man responsible for delivering this year's FIFA World Cup.

Del Nero, the current vice president, promised "administrative continuity" on being handed the post.

"In all these years, as a sports director, I learned from many companions, as has happened with president Marin," Del Nero told a press conference.

"The intelligent man is one who seeks to learn more and more.

"The president and his administration, of which I am a part, achieved important advances, such as bringing football to the whole country.

"But of course, there are aspects that need to be improved and for which we will seek and accept suggestions throughout the sporting world."

Del Nero took former CAF president Ricardo Teixeira's seat on the FIFA Executive Committee when he resigned in 2012, and he is also a member of the CONMEBOL Executive Committee.