Deschamps ready for 'technical' Norway test

France coach Didier Deschamps is welcoming the test his side will face against a 'technical team' in Norway on Tuesday.

Deschamps' men face Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras in Group E at the FIFA World Cup, and meet Norway in the first of three friendlies scheduled before their opener in Brazil.

Perhaps trying to prepare for the clash against the Swiss, Deschamps explained the decision to play the 55th-ranked Norwegians.

"Why did we choose Norway? First, because we need teams that are available. Norway were free and available. It is with great pleasure that we welcome them to the Stade de France," he said.

"In their style of play, they are a European team. They don't practice a Scandinavian style of football, I mean they don't play a straight football with long balls.

"They play on the ground, they're a technical team so it's good for us to be tested against them."

Deschamps confirmed Saint-Etienne's Stephane Ruffier, called into the squad to replace the injured Steve Mandanda, would be his second-choice goalkeeper.

Both are behind number one Hugo Lloris, but Deschamps said it was important to establish a pecking order.

"Unsurprisingly for me, Hugo Lloris will remain the number one 'keeper; my plan remains the same in that respect," Deschamps said.

"I selected Mickael Landreau because he was the best in the role of third-choice 'keeper, and now I've called up Stéphane Ruffier as a direct replacement for Mandanda.

"Obviously he reacted well to the news, as he goes from a position in which he wouldn't make the trip to Brazil to a position in which he will.

"I spoke to both of the players concerned in order to establish the hierarchy and to make sure that each man plays his role to the full."