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Focused Hart eyes Premier League domination

Joe Hart says he has no time for personal feuds while representing Manchester City, claiming he only has aspirations for success.

City head to Old Trafford on Sunday to take on neighbours United, with both clubs jostling for top spot in the Premier League.

However, the England number one has played down the importance of the fixture against their nearest rivals, insisting his concentration remains unaffected, whoever he faces.

"I don't think much about United," Hart told the Daily Mail.

"The same as I don't think much about West Ham. They become my sole focus when they are our next opponents. But after that, they are just another team that's trying to stop us from winning titles. That's about as far as it goes for me.

"It was a motivation to get to where United were when they were number one. But it was the same motivation that I had towards Arsenal or Chelsea. It wasn't a personal vendetta. Maybe that's because I wasn't born in Manchester.

"But to do well, and to grow as we are growing, I don't think anything can be personal. It has to be business. Until last night, I was focusing on Sevilla [in the Champions League]. Now I am focusing on Manchester United.

"Yes, it's an important game. It's important for the table. If we win, that puts us five points clear of a very strong team. It probably gives us a very good start to the season, especially after the result against Sevilla."

Hart says he is uninterested in outside opinion, instead eager to build on previous successes to turn City's considerable outlay and effort into Premier League supremacy.

"I genuinely have no feeling about whether United are doing well or not. They are their own club. They are a special club," Hart said. "All my focus is on what we do. Wherever they are in the table, good for them.

"My sole aim is to keep us at number one. Everyone else is free to do what they want to do in the league but my focus is that we work harder and we do better."

He added: "It has to be a goal for us to dominate domestic football now.

"With our resources, the setup here, wages, all that combined, everything has been put there for us to be a very, very strong force in all parts of the game. It's down to us now. It's our responsibility to fulfil that.

"The sky's the limit for us. My thought process isn't about where people say we should be. I respect people have opinions but I don't have to take them on board. I know what we can do and where we can go.

"My ambition is to take us to those places. I think we are getting there. I know. I'm in it."