Get ranting with Fanimal

As the 2010 World Cup continues, football fans across the UK can get their hands on Fanimal, the limited edition ‘Shouting Football Mascot’ from Peperami.

Fanimal has been quiet lately but he’s back for the 2010 World Cup, sporting a trendy new look and a Beckham inspired tattoo. He’s still as noisy as ever and comes with a whole load of new rants aimed at England’s opponents – a great way to keep kids (and parents!) entertained during the match.

Simply bash Fanimal on your sofa arm or aim him at a hard surface to unleash his footie rants. So whether it’s the ref being unreasonable that’s winding you up or you just fancy having a rant at the opposition, make sure you have your very own Fanimal close at hand.

What rants can you expect to hear from Fanimal this year? Here’s a taster:

* Hey Argies, I'll tell you where you can stick your Hand of God!
* Oi Winker! Stop falling about you limp sausage!
* Baguette Pierre? I'll give you some French stick!
* He fell over, he fell over, he fell over!
* The referees a veggie, the referees a veggie!
* I'm neat, I'm meat, you can chuck me from your seat, Fanimal, Fanimal!

Football fans who think they can rant like Fanimal are being invited to share their World Cup rants in a bid to be crowned the UK’s No.1 ranter. Visit for rant inspiration and to submit your winning World Cup rant.

There are 1,000 Fanimals a day to be won if you pick-up a promotional Peperami.

Fanimal is also available via Sports Direct for £4.99, for those who aren’t lucky enough to win one. Visit for more information.