Holloway devastated by Blackpool loss

BLACKPOOL - Blackpool rode a rollercoaster as big as the ones the town is famous for on Tuesday, with boss Ian Holloway devastated at losing a two-goal lead to Manchester United but hopeful of keeping his top player.

The Seasiders led 2-0 at half-time and could have gone three up shortly after the break but a penalty decision did not go their way after a foul by Rafael da Silva, leaving Holloway to ponder what might have been after his side lost 3-2.

"How can he not see that that is a penalty?" a frustrated Holloway asked at a news conference. "I think that would have really thrown a grenade at what was happening to them.

"We are gutted, devastated that we lost 3-2 but tomorrow I'll wake up, I'll feel like I've been kicked in the very delicate place for a man, I'll feel that horrible ache for a while and then it will be gone and I'll be thinking how proud am I of my team and my club."

He singled out the performance of captain Charlie Adam, who did not do his chances of moving to a bigger club any harm the day after Blackpool turned down a 4 million pounds offer for the midfielder from Liverpool.

His corners set up both of Blackpool's headed goals, scored by Craig Cathcart and DJ Campbell, while he was at the heart of Blackpool's frequent bursts forward, finding team mates with pinpoint passes.

The young fan holding a homemade "Charlie don't go" poster is likely to be disappointed, although Holloway was hoping Adam might stay with the club for a little bit longer.

"I can understand Charlie wanting to make a move and I can understand how he thinks 4 million pounds is a lot of money but at the end of the day life is about doing things together and we are a very well-run club," Holloway said.


He said he would be speaking to the club owners after the game to tell them how Adam felt but while he was still waiting for an increased offer he might catch the eye of other clubs.

"I believe he's getting better, I believe he still loves the club and I believe he will play for one of these (big) clubs one day very very soon," he said.

"Charlie's 25, we've got him on 18 months, if he was out of contract now we might have to do something different. In the summer he's got 12 months left, a whole new ball park."

He said United boss Alex Ferguson will have been impressed with his player against the Premier League leaders.

"I think he would have had his eyes lit up by Charlie tonight," said Holloway.

"I know Charlie Adam will go down in folk history and I might even start making a statue to him myself - just give me penknife and a hammer and I'll start carving it out of wood because I can't afford a bronze one."

There were always going to be goals in the English seaside town where the hosts have scored and conceded in every match this season.

Unfortunately for Blackpool they seemed to tire and allowed Dimitar Berbatov to score twice and Javier Hernandez once in the second half, with Holloway hoping they could learn from the experience.

"My lads have got to realise that we need to up our tempo of our training to get as good as them, as fit as them, that's one of the best teams, not in the land but all over the place," said Holloway.