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Ibe hails 'father figure' Klopp

Liverpool youngster Jordon Ibe has described Jurgen Klopp as a 'cool father figure' who 'understands' the club's players, young and old alike.  

The 20-year-old has become an important member of the first team at Anfield, particularly since the arrival of Klopp in October, and Ibe is delighted with the trust shown in him over the past two months.

"One on one, he's really good. He's building relationships. The older players, you can see the respect they have for him. With the younger ones like me he's a father figure. He's cool, you know. He understands," Ibe told The Independent.

"On the pitch you don't feel any pressure. It's the freedom he gives you, letting you get on with what you need to do, just making sure you work hard at the same time. From the youngest player to the oldest player in the team, he's given them freedom.

"The thing that's in his heart is the work off the ball: winning tackles.  Say I might lose the ball four times, I won't hear anything from him, unless I don't work to get it back.

"Before, I used to build up a lot of pressure inside myself but now I feel cool. I'd like to score more, but first and foremost, it's the team that matters. We can change things around and do better. We can make history. The manager, he helps make us believe."

Ibe has netted twice in 20 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool this campaign, but has yet to score his first Premier League goal in 2015-16.