Kolo Toure feeling great after malaria scare

Ivory Coast defender Kolo Toure said he has overcome his malaria scare, as his side prepares for their FIFA World Cup clash with Japan.

The Ivorians begin their 2014 Brazil finals tournament on Saturday in Recife, and the Toure brothers have been at the helm of the headlines - with Kolo suffering a bout of malaria, while Yaya is in doubt due to a thigh injury.

Kolo, the elder of the brothers at age 33, said he was bed-ridden for two days to get past the disease.

"I feel OK," the Liverpool defender said.

"The malaria was just for two days, obviously we have the medical department that know malaria very well, they gave me tablets. I was in bed for two days.

"Everyone was talking. I had a phone call from my club, from people around the world.

"I'm absolutely fine because my body is used to that kind of sickness, it's not the first time, and it won't be the last time.

"I feel great now, I'm training with the team, the manager makes me work harder which is very good for me and I feel great."

Yaya was quoted on Sunday as saying he was hoping to make Ivorians 'proud' at the World Cup, after the country's recent civil wars.

And Kolo echoed his brother's hopes, as he said a strong performance from Sabri Lamouchi's men in Brazil could improve the mood of their homeland.

"We know that what brings all the country together is football, and everybody in Ivory Coast has just focussed on the team because that's the only thing that people enjoy together.

"That's why we are from different parts of the country, and we enjoy playing together.

"I think we've been a really good example for them, and I think they know that as well, because we come from different parts of the country, but we are together and we fight as a team.

"It's been really tough, we've been in a difficult situation, but we've always been together, and that's the most important thing.

"Even if we don't win things, if we're still together and helping each other, we still have the same target.

"For us, we know that we are that kind of people, and I'm very proud of the players because we have a good attitude."

Ivory Coast, drawn in Group C, will also face Colombia and Greece.