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Lawyers to handle Carneiro's Chelsea exit, confirms FMA

The Football Medical Association (FMA) has confirmed that Eva Carneiro has appointed lawyers to handle her Chelsea exit.

The team doctor had contacted the FMA in an attempt to negotiate a satisfactory outcome with Chelsea following their ongoing dispute, but she has now opted to take legal action after no agreement was reached.

Carneiro saw first-team duties taken away from her after Jose Mourinho criticised her for rushing onto the field to treat Eden Hazard, temporarily leaving Chelsea with nine men on the field during the Premier League game against Swansea City earlier this season, and she no longer sees her future at the club.

"As the representative body for medicine and science personnel in the professional game, the FMA aims to protect the rights of its members," an official statement read.

"Having recently been contacted by Eva, we have offered our full support in attempting to negotiate a satisfactory outcome.

"Unfortunately this has not resulted in our preferred outcome.

"Chelsea considers this now to be an internal matter and it is for Chelsea and Eva's appointed lawyers to discuss any further action."

Carneiro was due to return to work last Friday, but it emerged on Tuesday that she has left her position over the incident with Mourinho.