Lloris: Tottenham here to stay

Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris wants to make sure this season's title bid becomes the norm rather than a one-off success.

Hugo Lloris has stressed Tottenham want to be challenging for the Premier League title on a consistent basis.

Tottenham have not won the English league title since 1961, but are battling it out for domestic glory with Leicester City this campaign, trailing the leaders by five points with four games to go.

Lloris is adamant they cannot afford to rest on their laurels after one good season, though, and wants more of the same in the years to come.

"We can feel we are improving step by step. We are focused on this season but we have to think about next season as well because we want to be consistent challengers for years," Lloris told Sky Sports.

"It's not about one good season, it's about being consistent. To play Champions League football would be a good step for the club, the players and the fans, and in the next few years the new stadium will be coming, so it's all positive for Spurs.

"We are in a good position and situation and it is a great chance for us. So we need to carry on and we will see what happens at the end of the season. Nobody can guess what will happen. 

"We need to be consistent and not think about what is happening around us. We are strong together. We know where we want to be at the end and we try to work hard and prepare as well as possible. We are very motivated because we have a chance to do something great for the club."