Macedonia captain charged over public disorder

Macedonia captain Velice Sumulikoski has been charged with two counts of public misconduct after clashing with police, the Balkan country's Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

The 31-year old midfielder, who plays his club football for Russian second division side Sibir Novosibirsk, attacked a man in his home town of Struga on the morning of December 31 in a drunken stupor after a night out.

He then started insulting police officers who came to the scene and also verbally abused their colleagues in a police station.

"He was relentless in offending police officers in the station, where he was charged with breach of public order on two counts because he also refused to take a test to determine the level of alcohol in his blood," Macedonian police said.

"Clearly intoxicated, he threatened to get the local chief of police and all his staff sacked by making just one telephone call and said he was willing to pay 100,000 euros for that."

Sumulikoski, Macedonia's most capped player with 78 international appearances, was not immediately available for comment.