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Nedved: Dortmund a good indicator for Juventus

After finishing second in Group A to secure qualification to the knockout stages, Juventus have been pitted against the struggling Bundesliga outfit.

Dortmund sit third bottom in the German top flight but finished first in Group D and have generally performed to a higher standard in European football's premier club competition.

And, in a tie that represents a rematch of the 1997 final – won by Dortmund – director and former Juve midfielder Nedved expects the match to provide a useful examination of the Turin club's Champions League credentials.

"We have to be very careful because Dortmund have young, talented players," Nedved told UEFA's official website. "It could have been worse because there was still Bayern [Munich] and [Real] Madrid when Borussia's name came out.

"It will be a very even tie. There are a few teams who are almost impossible to compete with, so we are happy to have a side against whom we have a chance.

"I'm a big fan of [Dortmund coach Jurgen] Klopp and I'm curious to see our level in Europe. The games against Dortmund will give us a clear indication of that."