Pruis denies safety concerns for Brazil 2014

FIFA security adviser Andre Pruis is confident Brazil has the proper safety plans in place to successfully host the 2014 World Cup.

The build up to next year's tournament has been dogged by construction delays and civil unrest across Brazil.

But Pruis, who was involved with the security team for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, says he has full confidence in the organisers in Brazil.

"If you ask me whether I have faith in the security establishment in Brazil, I immediately must say yes," Pruis said.

"Not only planning with them but working with them during the Confederations Cup and it's clear to me that excellent plans are in place and committed members are ready to implement the plans.

"During the whole of the Confederations Cup only 14 incidents of theft occurred at all the venues.

"Secondly, there was a lot written about the demonstrations or manifestations but the fact of the matter is, the tournament continued on time, the teams arrived on time, the matches started on time - everything went on time.

"Stadium inspections really play a larger role in determining whether all those requirements are in place.

"And I can really say from my side that I think that stadiums in Brazil not only meet the security requirements of FIFA, they exceed the security requirements."

The2014 World Cup will start on June 12 with the final being hosted in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.