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PSG confirm Aurier will face trial after police altercation

Paris Saint-Germain have confirmed that Serge Aurier will face court proceedings in September.

The Ivory Coast international was arrested on Sunday in the French capital, allegedly due to an assault on a police officer after his car was stopped shortly after he left a nightclub.

His solicitor, Claire Boutaud de la Combe, confirmed on Tuesday that Aurier has filed a personal complaint alleging violence on behalf of the police and strongly refutes all charges against him.

PSG have issued a statement to confirm they have been made aware of the incident but insist that the full-back remains innocent until proven guilty.

"The club was informed today of the summoning of Serge Aurier, on September 26, before the correctional court of Paris following his arrest by police on the night of Sunday to Monday," the statement read.

"At this stage of the case, the club wishes to stress that the player, like any other citizen, enjoys the presumption of innocence. In addition, the club underlines its commitment with respect to the forces of order and their missions, which are sometimes performed in difficult conditions.

"No further comment will be made by the club before the court's decision."

His solicitor claims Aurier had to receive medical attention and accused the media of delivering inaccurate accounts of what took place.

"Serge Aurier strongly denies the charges against him," she told Le Parisien. "He made a complaint over police violence and was seen by a doctor over two injuries.

"The hype around this case has made it very difficult, especially reading inaccurate stories concerning his blood alcohol level or his detainment in a drunk tank. We must remember that, before his appearance before the criminal court on September 26, he is presumed innocent.

"We have two versions today: that of the police officers and that of the accused. He said he never refused to comply [with their instructions].

"From the beginning of the process, he has been determined, constant and precise in his statements. He seems especially calm to me, despite the fatigue. 

"A number of inaccuracies have been reported by the press on this matter. He considers it an injustice, and he and his family have been particularly affected."