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Ranieri urges Leicester players to seize title chance

Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has called on his players to seize their opportunity atop the Premier League table. 

Ranieri's side are enjoying a dream run in the league this season - holding a three-point lead at the top of the standings. 

The Italian has constantly played down Leicester's title chances, but with his side still leading the pack, he wants his players to make sure they seize their chance to make history.

"This is a crazy league," he said. "We are doing a fantastic season but I believe some teams are underachieving, I don't know the reason. If Leicester is top of the league there is something strange, but for us it's good.

"We are at a high level and we want to stay at the top but it is because a lot of the big teams aren't in their normal position.

"It is a strange league this year and a team like us can do something good. This is the right moment for us to push a lot because next season it's not the same, it is not a normal Premier League. But we fight because next season is the truth.

"I have very good players and I make it very clear we don't sell. The owner wants to build a very good team, for this reason I am here. He wants to build and to achieve the high level. This is a strange season and we have to make a lot of that.

"It is the start of the February matches and we are ready to fight.

"Now it is important to focus 100 per cent. That is it for us, match by match. Every game is the final one to finish the Premier League."

Leicester host Liverpool on Tuesday and will be looking for revenge after Jurgen Klopp's men condemned them to just their second loss of the league season the last time the two sides met.

"If you say to me that we will lose two more games between now and the end of the season, I will sign for that now," Ranieri said. "But yes, the next three games are very crucial.

"Every time I have said, ‘Look where we are in a month,’ we have stayed in the top positions, so now I say let us look where we are at the end of February.

"I like positive energy. If you believe positively and talk with positivity, then you can do much more than if you are negative."