Redknapp rejects Murphy comments

Harry Redknapp has become the latest Premier League manager to hit back at Danny Murphy’s suggestions that some bosses send their players out “too pumped up”.

The Fulham midfielder boldly claimed it is the managers of teams such as Blackburn, Wolves and Stoke that are responsible for players’ reckless tackles during games.

Rovers boss Sam Allardyce was quick to dismiss Murphy’s allegations, stating he should apologise, while Wolves manager Mick McCarthy vowed that his team would not change how they play.

And Spurs boss Redknapp has revealed that he also disagrees with Murphy’s comments, insisting managers do not send players out to hurt people, but that it is up to the players to control their actions.

“Danny hasn’t played for Wolves or Blackburn or Stoke, so he doesn’t really know,” he said.

“He thought some clubs get very wound up before they go out, and players get wound up, but the only problem is, until you’ve been in the dressing room with those managers it’s very difficult to comment.

“But he’s got a right to his opinion and good luck to him, but obviously the people he’s spoke about don’t agree with what he said.”

There have been a number of high profile dangerous tackles in recent weeks.

Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa was the victim of a horrific leg break following a challenge from Manchester City's Nigel de Jong, while Wolves captain Karl Henry saw red after a scything lunge on Wigan’s Jordi Gomez.

Redknapp does not condone reckless tackles, but he believes the competitiveness and pace is part and parcel of the beautiful game.

"Teams want to be competitive,” he said.  “If you stand off some of the better teams, with players that are on a different level to yours, you’ll get murdered, so you have to get in their faces, you have to work them, press them, close them down, that’s all part of the game. Otherwise, they’ll open you up and score five or six goals.

“You can’t send a player out over-pumped up. Everybody’s different. The individual makes the challenge. You will never change people’s nature.

“It’s the same people that keep getting sent off or making rash challenges at the moment that have got to calm themselves down a bit, but that comes from them.”

Spurs travel to Fulham on Saturday, but Redknapp light-heartedly insisted Murphy won’t be targeted following his comments.

“Will we and kick lumps out of him now? No, I don’t think so!"

By Luke Nicholls