South Korea hints at a World Cup bid with North Korea

The new South Korean president has told FIFA they want to host the 2030 World Cup with North Korea

After South Korea successfully hosted the FIFA U20 World Cup, which England won on Sunday, Moon Jae-in told FIFA President Gianni Infantino his country and their northern neighbours should be considered for a joint bid in 2030.

According to Moon’s office, the South Korean President told Infantino in their meeting: “If neighbouring Northeast Asian countries, including South and North Korea, can host the World Cup, I think that would contribute to peace between South and North Korea and in the Northeast Asian region.

“I would like President Infantino to have interests on this matter.”

Infantino has reportedly said he will speak to Chinese President Xi Jinping about Moon's idea, when the two meet later this week, about forming a Northeast Asian bloc bid.

That would be a turn up for the books.

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