Togo goalkeeper recovering

JOHANNESBURG - Togo reserve goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale went under surgery at a South African hospital after being wounded by gunfire when the Togo team's bus was attacked in Angola, a medical official said on Sunday.

"At this early stage we are satisfied with the progress of Mr Obilale. He is at present in the trauma intensive care unit where he will remain until such time as we are satisfied with his condition," Elias Degiannis, in charge of the team taking care of Obilale, said in a hospital statement.

Two members of Togo's national football delegation died after the team bus was ambushed by rebel separatists in Angola's Cabinda enclave on its way to the African Nations Cup.

The attack, which also killed the bus driver, came five months before South Africa hosts the World Cup, the first African nation to hold the world's biggest single-sport event.

There has been uncertainty as to whether the Togo team will take part in the tournament, which runs from January 10 to 31.

Togo's government on Saturday said it was pulling the team out of the African Nations Cup in response to the assault, although squad members have been quoted as saying they are determined to play.

"Togo are staying in the competition. I have called the players and they want to play. We are now awaiting official confirmation from the Togolese government," said Kodzo Samlan, a press officer at the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

He added that Togo team captain, Emmanuel Adebayor, was with the team.

A junior official at the Angolan sports ministry confirmed the Togo team was waiting for an announcement from Togo's president to find out whether they are to take part in the tournament.

Togo's first game in Cabinda was scheduled against Ghana on Monday.