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Tom Cruise pays Atletico Madrid's new stadium a visit

Cruise was in Madrid for the premiere of The Mummy (wait, haven't they done that one before? – Ed.). So, while on his travels, he took the option to tour Atletico's brand new 67,000 seater stadium which is set for completion ahead of the 2017/18 season.

Fellow cast members Annabelle Wallis and Sofie Boutella joined Cruise on the full tour given by club president Enrique Cerezo and 22-year-old playmaker Saul Niguez.

Cruise & Co. seemed to enjoy themselves, with the 54-year-old Top Gun star admitting he'd like to return when the stadium is complete.

“It will be a really magnificent stadium and I can’t wait to watch them come back and play here now,” Cruise said, fibbing.

“I was invited and I can’t wait to see it with all the screens and all the fans here because there’s nothing like really watching a football match here in Spain.”

Don't expect Real Madrid fans to watch your movie, Tom. 

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