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Ukraine given 30 days to resolve dispute

Although the world and European governing bodies are pleased with the progress made so far, they have written to the Ukraine Football Federation saying not all requirements have been met.

FIFA had warned the FFU against trying to dismiss its president Hrigory Surkis before the end of his term, which expires after Euro 2012 which is being co-hosted with Poland.

Several FFU members tried unsuccessfully in December to sack Surkis who has been accused by some fans of favouring Dynamo Kiev, a team run by his brother Ihor.

FIFA and UEFA said in their letter to the FFU dated March 2 and seen by Reuters that they had "Taken note that 20 members have still not fully complied with requirements laid out in the FIFA letter of 24 January 2011.

"In particular we had asked you to provide us "confirmation from the authorised governing bodies of the FFU members that (the members) will abide by this request (to stop any activity aimed at organising elections before the end of the FFU's leadership term in 2012)".

"In this respect, FIFA and UEFA give you 30 days in order to complete the collection of the duly completed documents. This would allow us to close this case".

FIFA and UEFA do not tolerate outside interference in member federations and had threatened to suspend Ukraine from international football if the government did not act quickly. Ukraine could not stage Euro 2012 if suspended.