Video: Brondby fans lob dead rats at Copenhagen player in city derby

Beer and coins? Boring. One fan took things much further during the Copenhagen derby on Monday.

Brondby were 1-0 down in the 85th minute when they were awarded a corner. As Copenhagen’s Ludwig Augustinsson set the ball up for the set-piece, a member of the home crowd thought it would be a nice idea to throw some dead rats (yes, multiple) towards the left-back.

Augustinsson tried to kick them away before stewards turned up to help get rid. Copenhagen won the game 1-0.

After the match, Brondby's sporting director Troels Bech slated the behaviour of the perps. 

"We are obviously annoyed that we had to leave the field without points, but it is equally unfortunate that there are some visitors for today's match who could not figure out how to behave properly," he wrote in a statement.

"We have Denmark's most atmospheric football stadium and… by far the best fans, and a single individual should not ruin it for the greater community."

Clubs had better get more creative in their banned items lists.

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