'Why is Leeds hated so much?' asks Cellino

Disqualified Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino argued the Football League hates the Championship club after another setback.

England's Football League - the governing body of the Championship, League One and League Two - disqualified Cellino from owning Leeds on Monday for the second time this year.

The Football League also disqualified Cellino in March after he was found guilty of the non-payment of import duties on a boat in Italy and, while the 58-year-old successfully appealed that decision in April, he will have to return to court again if he is to clear his name.

The Italian hinted at a vendetta between the Football League and Leeds.

"Now I have to appeal, more money for lawyers – what for?" Cellino told The Guardian.

"I'm paying everything, I've paid £35 million in six months. I'm doing everything for the club, for the fans. They deserve something.

"The League is here to protect football. To make sure clubs are run the right way, that money is spent the right way. Everyday something comes up... Red Bull are buying the club, the problems with [Giuseppe] Bellusci – what has this club done wrong to the people?

"Why is this club hated so much? It is a lovely club."

Cellino has 14 days to submit an appeal, after the Football League received a full transcript of judge Sandra Lepore's ruling of the boat case, which has prompted the latest disqualification.

If the judgement stands, Cellino would be disqualified from any significant position with Leeds until March 18, 2015.