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Build your own gym

push-up bars

Do a ‘posh press-up’ with rotating bars; as Saul muses: “Upper body strength is vital in an increasingly physical modern game.”



Core X System
This favourite of Owen Hargreaves gives a full workout in mere minutes. “Working the core gives you major benefits as a player,” advises Saul. From £45,

Bosu ball
A balance trainer helps you to increase strength and fitness. “Trying to stabilise when using this kind of equipment  is great for balance and agility on the pitch,” says Saul. Prices at

Gliding discs

These are perfect for Pilates or resistance training. “Pilates is great – I recommend players try it as a great way to strengthen,” says Saul. 




Use “loaded movement training” to integrate exercising the entire body into every movement. Saul adds: “Varying your exercises keeps you working hard – great 
for sharpening up.”

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This fully-adjustable home suspension trainer gets you in the right position to build muscle and improve flexibility. “These are excellent,” says Saul. “They train the whole body using your own body weight.”

Fitness Mad Tube

Perform 10 key resistance exercises with this cleverly designed resistance tube. “Building up the core helps your balance and explosive movements on the pitch,” says Saul. Try a front squat: stand on it with feet at shoulder width, sit down and stand for 8-12 reps.