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Nike Mercurial Superfly V: The Lowdown

1 It cradles your foot

With Nike’s new soleplate design you won’t be left rooted to the spot. After consulting experts from track and field the boot bods ditched the flat soleplate in favour of a new anatomical plate that maps the natural contours of the foot. By cradling your wands, it enables the foot to move with the boot instead of against it. Say goodbye to a loose fit, say hello to a sock-like feel and a more efficient transfer of energy between your foot and the turf. 


2 40% lighter

The new Mercurial Superfly was designed with one thing in mind: speed. To make you lighter on your feet Nike stripped back the soleplate, replacing the multi-layer carbon fiber design with a single-layer chassis that has been hollowed out by new vacuum forming process. In layman’s terms: the soleplate is 40 per cent lighter, meaning your feet have less weight to carry around.


3 High-powered brakes 

Having the ability to stop on a dime, before accelerating at breakneck speed is an essential weapon for any speedster. To develop a better braking system for the Mercurial, Nike came up with a stud configuration that works like a claw. The studs all are the same shape but positioned in different directions — straight on with the heel for braking, angled in the forefoot for propulsion. 


4 Speed meets style

There’s no point having a high-performance sports car if you can’t look good driving it. The same goes for a turbocharged boot. The speed ribs – raised surfaces on the Flyknit upper – provide friction between your foot and the ball, lending a helping hand to your touch. They also provide a bit of a colour shift, giving designers the opportunity to play around with the paint job. Flash boot lovers prepare for some funky creations.


5 CR7 loves it

Mercurial champion and Real Madrid speed king Cristiano Ronaldo sees a little bit of himself in the boot. “It’s like my attitude,” declared Ronnie. “I’m a straightforward and aggressive player. The stud shape reminds me of my character and performs very well on the pitch.” We dread to think what the laces remind him of. 


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