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The PLAYERTEK Player’s Journey: Part 1

There’s room for improvement in every footballer, but we can only motivate ourselves if we know in which areas we need to get better – and by how much. With PLAYERTEK, a revolutionary GPS tracking system available to players at all levels, you can do just that – and it’s easy to get started.

To register an account, simply, then download the sync tool on your Microsoft Windows or Apple computer and charge the PLAYERTEK pod using the micro USB cable. At the start of your first session, be it training or a game, turn on the pod, slip it into the base layer vest provided and you’re ready to go.

The technology will measure all aspects of your football fitness – from distance covered to positional play – and enable you to set targets and measure your improvement week-by-week as well as over the course of a season. You’re already on your way to becoming a better player.

To begin your PLAYERTEK journey, go to

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