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The PLAYERTEK Player’s Journey: Part 3

You know how to use PLAYERTEK, how to download, view and interpret your stats. Now, for the key question: can you use PLAYERTEK to improve your game? The only way to find out is to set yourself targets.

Every week? Across the season? And in what areas of my game? Well, that’s up to you. To get an even deeper insight into your performance levels, you can even tag certain games where your stats where particularly good – or bad. How did I train, eat or sleep that week? It’s also time to get interactive.

If you’ve topped the sprints or distance covered stats in your team that week, shout about it on Facebook and Twitter at the click of a button. Or compare your stats with Premier League stars who play in a similar position via the Pro Maps Page – and other PLAYERTEK users via the Friends Page. What more incentive do you need to become a better player?

To make the most of your PLAYERTEK stats head here

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