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The PLAYERTEK Player’s Journey: Part 2

You’ve played your first game, or completed your first training session, wearing the PLAYERTEK system, now for the moment of truth. Simply plug the pod into your computer using the USB cable and within minutes you’ll be able to view your performance in a way previously reserved for the pros.

How much ground have you covered? What was your top speed? Did your work-rate drop towards the end of each half? All of these questions and more will be answered. In all, 10 metrics are measured covering both the volume of running and intensity of your session, as well as heat maps to see if you’ve been operating in the right areas of the pitch.

All of this is summarised on the PLAYERTEK ‘Dashboard’, enabling you to see all aspects of your performance in an instant. You can even view your stats on the go via the smartphone app.

Now for the killer question: can you use PLAYERTEK to improve?

To make the most of your PLAYERTEK stats head here

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