Avocado oil v coconut oil - which is best for cooking?

Coconut oil

The clean eating brigade have long preached the health benefits of cooking with coconut oil, but is it the key to boosting health or simply another fad? The so-called superfood is higher in saturated fat than butter but contains medium chain fatty acids (MCT’s), which can increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Coconut oil also has a relatively high smoke point (177 degrees), meaning it won’t begin to burn and release free radicals while you cook. And best of all, it could aid weight loss. A study in the American Journal of Nutrition found it increased the number of calories burnt at rest by 28 women who supplemented their diet with the oil for four weeks.

1. “There are some studies proclaiming the weight loss benefits of coconut oil – but they’re still too small in size to be significant,” dietitian Louise Robertson said.

2. “Other studies have examined if it could reduce blood cholesterol levels, but it’s high in saturated fat, so using lots of it will only have a negative effect.”

3. “Coconut oil can be pretty expensive in comparison to olive and rapeseed oil, which are just as good for cooking with.” 

Avocado oil

As if avocados have not had enough nutritional limelight, the oil extracted from the fruit is now being lauded for its supreme health qualities. It’s got a monounsaturated fatty acid level of 74% - this makes it one of the healthiest variants of fat that we can consume, which can reduce the risk of heart disease. Avocado oil is also awash with anti-oxidants, like vitamin E and lutein, that’ll help you to reduce cell damage. According to a 2005 study in Medline, adding the oil to a salad containing carrots, spinach and lettuce, raised the absorption of plant pigments. These give fruit and vegetables their bright colours and provide protective health benefits.

1.“Avocado oil is can be used to cook with or as a dressing with uncooked foods like salads and dips,” said Doctor Josh Axe.

2.”The monounsaturated fats found in the oil can also have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.”

3.”Avocado oil can even help reduce symptoms of a skin condition called psoriasis, which is common in older people.” 

WINNER: Avocado oil

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