The Performance shopping list

Unsmoked bacon,210g
In moderation, lean bacon is a great source of protein at breakfast time. “Protein builds the muscles and makes athletes more powerful,” explains Matt Lovell, nutrition advisor to Spurs and Manchester City.

Adding some grilled tomatoes will complement the bacon nicely. “It’s important to include some vegetables with your breakfast,” says Lovell. “Tomatoes offer the body anti-oxidant protection.”

Free range eggsx6
Poached eggs will provide a real boost for your body. “You get B vitamins, iron and minerals in the yolk,” Lovell says. “It also contains zinc, which you need for optimising testosterone production.”

Rye bread,370g
Perfect to round off your morning meal. “Rye bread is a good slow-release source of carbohydrates,” explains Lovell. “It offers more fibre than having a single slice of brown or white toast.”

Glaceau smartwater,600ml
No, it’s not water with a degree from Harvard – smartwater is spring water with added electrolytes, stimulating muscles and nerves. “Consume two to three litres with electrolytes each day,” says Lovell.

Low fat natural yoghurt,500g
A great option after a workout. “You get a recovery benefit, muscle rebuilding, plus it replenishes glycogen and stored sugar in the muscle,” says Lovell. “It also helps you boost your immune system, which is important after you’ve been exercising hard.”

Crunchy oat granola,500g
Need something to go with the yoghurt? “Granola is a mixture of honey and oats, so you benefit from a slow release of high-carbohydrate sources,” says Lovell.

Worcestershire sauce,150ml
Worcestershire may be a county in England, but the recipe has its roots in both the Greek and Roman empires. It will add flavour to your meal and has genuine benefits, too. “You’ll get spices in there and a bit of anti-oxidant protection,” explains Lovell.

Tom yum soup,70g
Originating in Thailand, tom yum (hot and sour) soup’s ingredients include chicken stock, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, chilli peppers and fish sauce. “The Thai spices help with blood thinning and the immune system,” says our nutritionist.

If you’re having tom yum soup, have prawns with it. “Prawns have got to be in there,” insists Lovell, “because otherwise there’s no protein. They’re very low in fat and calories, but they taste meaty and satisfying.”

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