The 18-yard box running drill

Aston Villa’s head of performance, Michael Watts, tells you how to improve your ability to perform repeated sprints

“Sunday League pitches usually take a battering during the winter, leaving you with a congested fixture list. This can be a shock to the system after a string of weather-induced postponements. 

Unfit and out of shape, you’re going to struggle to meet the demands of the game 
for 90 minutes, but hopefully the rebounders running drill can help you get back in tune – and fast. All you need for it is a good work ethic and a marked-out football pitch.

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Start on the edge of the six-yard box, facing out towards the touchline. Run to the perimeter of the 18-yard box, turn sharply, and run back to the start position. Then walk across the width of the six-yard box and mirror the run on the opposite side. Repeat this process for four minutes. Each run should take you five seconds, and the walk about 10. 

This exercise will improve your ability to perform repeated sprints – a vital component for success on the pitch – and boost your acceleration.”

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