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Bombing forward for full-backs

Full-backs hate playing against attacking full-backs. They’ve already got a tricky winger to deal with, but if that wasn't enough they’ve also got some busy so-and-so overlapping on the outside.

A dynamic full-back is a headache for the opposition and an underrated weapon for you, but they’re hard to come by – especially in the amateur ranks. It requires far too much running for most Sunday Leaguers.

But what a difference one could make? Right, time to whip your full-backs in to shape with a bit of help from FourFourTwo Performance and Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson.

The England international spoke exclusively to FFT about the core skills of an offensively skilled defender.

We must warn you – it’s not going to be easy – your candidates need perfect timing, good anticipation and match-winning stamina – but if you put the work in you will reap the rewards.

“In the modern game full-backs getting forward is a big part of being a successful team,” Jenkinson explained.

“If you train hard you’re always going to have that extra edge. I tend to do some extra cardio work because it always makes me feel better for the weekend and helps me keep going until the last minute.”

Want to know more about what it takes to be an attacking full-back? Hit play and let Jenkinson fill you in.

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