Javier Pastore: Become an assist king

Learn to play defence-shredding passes with these pointers from PSG’s creator-in-chief

“My manager wants to use me as a playmaker behind the striker. I’ve never played in this position. Any advice on creating chances for my team-mates?”
Chris Hendrix, via Twitter

Javier Pastore says:
“Perseverance and consistency are crucial – don’t lose your focus. In this role you need to be switched on at all times, as games can easily pass you by.

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Work hard every day: training performances often mirror matchday displays. Today, talent alone is not enough to succeed in this role at the highest level.

Developing technical skills and learning to read the game is also key. Killer passes are difficult, riskier than a sideways pass. You need conviction and the mental strength to try again until you produce them regularly. In the beginning, practice and concentration were key for me; now the passes come naturally.

These passes, or moves, to unbalance the opposition are my favourites. It is glorious when they work well – there is nothing better.

The risk is great. You must be confident, motivated, focused and full of belief that you will succeed in making such a difficult pass. Without risk, it is difficult to break down your opponents. Now I take risks as part of my game."

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