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Leave your marker for dead

The Box Drill


Set up

Make a 3x3m square using four discs. Place cones 2m from either side of the square. From the centre of the square, measure 10m back and place another cone.



A player stands in the middle of the square facing a team-mate with the ball. The team-mate names each disc (ie discs 1-4). He then throws the ball for the player to volley back before calling a command (ie ‘two’). The player then reacts and touches the relevant disc with their foot before returning to the centre of the box. If the team-mate calls ‘left’ or ‘right’, the player shuffles to the relevant cone and back into the box. If he calls ‘go’, the player turns and runs around the cone 10m away, before returning to the middle of the square.


How it helps

This drill keeps the player’s mind alert and concentrated, while challenging their ability to move quickly on command.



Perform the drill for 30 seconds before changing places with your team-mate. Work for 30 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds.