Prepare your back for football

Fire up your back for a 90 minute battle with these tips from Gerry Ramogida, performance therapist with UK Athletics

Before taking to the pitch to fight tooth and nail for three points, you need to get the body ready for action.

Most warm ups focus on preparing the arms and legs for football’s dynamic movements, forgetting about the importance of having a strong back.

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This negligence can lead to a below par performance or worse still, an injury. The back is at the centre of all movement and needs to be primed accordingly.

Gerry Ramogida, consultant chiropractor for the Seattle Seahawks and performance therapist with UK Athletics, spoke to FFT to about the mechanics of the back and the role it plays in driving your footballing performance.

Follow Ramogida’s advice in this video and ensure you don’t walk off the pitch hunched over in agony.

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