Salomon Kalou: Get your hands on silverware

Clarity, unity and a real work ethic are essential to a title push, says the serial trophy-winner

“Every season my team just misses 
out on winning the league title. What 
can we do this year 
to lift the trophy?”

Scott Goodchild, via Twitter

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“When I won the Premier League title with Chelsea in 2010, coach Carlo Ancelotti was very clear about what he wanted from us. He gave us a lot of confidence. He created the right balance and involved everyone, and that’s the key to a happy dressing room. 


Socialising was crucial to our team spirit. We bonded really well. There was a lot of fun and laughter and we sensed we could win. 
We had a lot of respect for each other, and that’s something I’d advise having in any team. If you’re a young player, your role is to listen to and learn from the older players. 


The key ingredient to a 
title-winning team is every player knowing that no individual is more important than the team. If you have that attitude and work for 
the side, and everyone else in the team thinks the same way, you 
will eventually succeed. 


You also need a squad. The fringe players who don’t always play are key, because they need to come in and make the difference at crucial points over the course of a season.”

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