Sean St Ledger: Spring an upset

Colorado Rapids defender Sean St Ledger on what it takes to turn over superior opposition

“My team has reached the cup final, but we’re up against the top team in the local area. How can we cause an upset here?”
Marlon Davis, via email

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Sean St Ledger says:

“Preparation and concentration are key. If you can, go and watch the team you’re playing against.

When I played for Ireland against the likes of Brazil, Spain and Italy, I watched videos of the players I was going to be marking.

Usually there’s something a player will always do – for instance, a step-over – so you can predict and anticipate this move if you’ve done your homework.  

If we [Leicester City] are playing against a team that cross a lot, we work on a training drill that involves crossing and finishing. The aim is to re-create the scenarios you’re going to face in the game.

You have to give the opposition the respect they deserve, but you don’t want to give them too much and let them impose their game on you. Play to your strengths and you’ll have a chance.”

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