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Seven fitness tips from The Body Coach

1 Calendar

A fitness programme without discipline is worthless. Get yourself a physical calendar and write sessions in there – in ink. “It’s vital to plan,” says fitness and nutrition expert Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach on Twitter). “Set achievable goals – perhaps three sessions a week to start off.”

2 Screensaver

Vanity is a powerful motivational tool. If you’ve ever carried excess weight, find a horrifying picture and use it as a Twix deterrent. Equally, a snap of you looking good can be a positive spur. “Scales are a terrible measure of success,” says Joe. “My clients use before and after photos. Make a collage of your progress.”


3 SAD light

Popular in sun-starved Scandinavia, SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] lamps such as the Philips goLITE BLU aren’t just for treating depression: a 10-minute morning blast will give anyone a burst of pre-training energy that’s often lacking on a grey winter morning.


4 Flask

A flask helps you to prepare protein shakes and smoothies in advance, meaning you can sip virtuously and avoid bad choices. “Cut out milk and sugar by replacing coffee with detoxifying green tea,” suggests Joe, “or a smoothie with avocado, spinach and kale – that has good fats and plenty of energy.”


5 Rearview mirror

If you’re hunched over your desk watching training videos on YouTube, this handy peeking device lets you know when the boss looms into view, so you can flip over to that all-important spreadsheet. Crafty.


6 Snack clever

“High protein ham, nuts or fruit are much better than chocolate,” says Joe. “And you can make them delicious. I pre-cook chicken strips with peri-peri sauce.” Don’t be too strict on yourself, though. “If you’ve had a good week, allow yourself a treat on the weekend – otherwise you might go on a binge. Moderation is key.”


7 Rumble roller

This ‘aggressive massage ball’ helps to sort out injuries at your workstation. “These are great,” says Joe. “They’re perfect for relieving stress through the feet, although a far cheaper alternative is a golf ball.” Just don’t accidentally boot it across the office.

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