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Appraise your game

1. How much effort did you put into last season?
A) I could not have put any more effort into the campaign
B) I was up for it most weeks, but I let my social life dictate my level of commitment
C) Most weeks I was a passenger

2. Compared to the previous season, how much do you think you improved?
A) I gave 100 per cent and made huge strides in my game
B) There was no real improvement and my game has plateaued
C) I feel like I’ve regressed and my standing in the team has declined

3. How would your manager and team-mates best describe you?
A) “This lad has a fantastic work ethic and can look back on the season with pride”
B) “He’s done OK, helped us out at times, but we expected more from him”
C) “Didn’t put much effort in, was unreliable and underperformed as a result”

4. Did I take every opportunity to work on all areas of my game?
A) I dedicated myself to improvement and set aside time each week to hone all aspects of my game
B) I started the season with the best intentions, but lost motivation and started to miss training sessions
C) If I’m honest, I gave the bare minimum

5. How would you describe your pre-match preparation?
A) I followed a ruthlessly structured programme that I prepared before every game of the campaign
B) I was more organised than the previous year, but not as much as I could have been
C) I barely give it a thought, to be honest – I just turn up and play football

6. How would you rate your energy and enthusiasm levels throughout the season?
A) Constantly high. I was the positive voice in the dressing room and responded well to any setbacks
B) Evenly matched across the season, neither up or down, just relatively steady
C) I struggled to get up for training and games during the season. I didn’t inspire myself or my team-mates with positivity or encouragement

7. How would you describe your influence in the team?
A) I am always buzzing around the boys. I make a conscious effort to give them a boost at training and in games
B) I wouldn’t say I’m the life and soul of the party, but I don’t have a negative effect on the team either
C) I can’t remember a time when I’ve actively taken responsibility for playing the role of the cheerleader, or inspired any of my team-mates

8. How much are you looking forward to pre-season?
A) I can’t wait to get back to training. I want to push myself even more next season
B) I’m not really fussed. Pre-season is always the same. I’ll do what I have to do
C) It’s summer. The thought of all that running about again is not something I want to think about right now

If you mainly answered A… You’ve done yourself proud
Congratulations on a successful season. Give yourself a pat on the back. But don’t rest on your laurels – great players are never satisfied.

If you mainly answered B… You went through the motions You’ve had highs, but what could have you achieved had you been more committed? Make more from pre-season and fulfil your potential.

If you mainly answered C… You let your team down Don’t dwell on last season’s poor form. Learn from it and move forward. Use this summer to get in shape and show your worth next term.  season.

West Bromwich Albion’s peak performance coach Tom Bates helped devise this questionnaire. Follow Tom on Twitter @TomBatesCoachng

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