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Superior Striker: How to score more goals

“You must have an awareness of where you are and the pass that you’re about to receive. These factors influence the timing of your run.


Then your movement has to be clever. Ask yourself: ‘Can I pull the defender one way, to go the other?’ When you make the move, what situation will your final position put you in? Can you take a touch, or will you need to shoot first time? 

"When you get into that situation you need to have your mind made up. Make sure you have a clear vision of what you are going to do with the ball as it is being played towards you. 


"Then, as you receive the pass, your first touch is key. If it’s a first-time finish you need control and accuracy. If it’s a touch and finish, your first touch has to be perfect as that’s the catalyst for your next action.


"If your first touch isn’t great it will cost you a split second, which will cost you the opportunity to score.”


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