Tom Ince: Learn from your idols

To be the best you must learn from the best, says Tom Ince

As Tom Ince’s stock has grown so has the number of defenders tasked with stopping him.

His trickery, pace and eye for goal has prompted opposition managers to assign a cadre of foot soldiers to round on him once he gets the ball.

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Ince soon realized he couldn’t just put his head down and dribble his way out of trouble.

To help him break away from the pack he’s studied the best in the business and learned some valuable lessons.

“Every time I get the ball there’s two or three players around me and I have to be aware and pop it off and move into space and look to get the ball back,” he told FFT.

“That’s what the top players do. They don’t always try to beat three or four players because sometimes it doesn’t happen like that.

“I’m a massive football fan and me and my Dad watch football every night. There’s always little bits you can take from top players and add it to your game.”

To find out who Ince has been watching and what he has learned watch this video.

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