VIDEO: Charlie Austin’s shooting drill: Combination play and finishing

This training exercise from the Southampton striker will improve your combination play and shooting accuracy 

How do I set this drill up?

Position two mannequins on the edge of the 18-yard-box with a server 35 yards from goal and a second server positioned just outside the D. 

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How do I do this drill?

Start beside one of the mannequins and as the server plays the ball into your feet, step off the mannequin and control the pass before playing a one-two with the second server. Run in-behind, latch on to the return ball and finish past the on-rushing goalkeeper.


What are the key coaching points?

Create space with a sharp movement away from the defender (mannequin) and carefully time your run to beat the offside trap. Timing of the run is crucial – if you go too early you’ll trigger the linesman’s flag and if you go too late the goalkeeper will get to the ball before you. Use your run to get out of the defender’s eye-line and spin in behind. Once you’re through on goal, stay composed and pick your spot. 


How will this drill help?

It will improve the understanding you have with your teammates so you can link up effectively during a game. You'll know exactly when and where to pass in and around the penalty box and how to lose a tight marker with clever movement. Simulating the one-on-one with the goalkeeper will help prepare you for those pressure situations in a live match.


Charlie Austin’s pro tips

Pull the centre half out of position with that little movement out of the box. In a game the defender will follow leaving space in behind – this is the area you want to attack. Punch the pass back to your teammate and when you receive the through ball stay calm and curl it around the goalkeeper or give him the eyes and reverse it into the bottom corner. 

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