VIDEO: Charlie Austin's shooting drill: Finishing inside the penalty box

Use this training exercise from the Southampton striker to find the net in two quick-fire touches

How do I set this drill up?

Mark out a 5 x 5 yard shooting zone just inside the penalty area with three servers positioned around the edge of the 18-yard-box. Each server has two balls. 

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How do I do this drill?

Stand inside the shooting zone and have each of the servers fizz the ball into your feet along the ground. You’re allowed to take two touches – one to control, one to shoot. For the second round of deliveries the servers must play a lofted pass into the shooting zone – challenging you to bring the ball down from a different height.  


What are the key coaching points?

When receiving the ball open up your body so you can control the pass on the turn and get a clear sight of goal before you shoot with your second touch. Force yourself to strike the ball with your weaker foot if that’s what the situation demands. You want to finish with speed, but you don’t want to rush otherwise you’ll make a mistake. Relax, pick your spot and shoot with conviction. Most importantly, don’t panic.


How will this drill help?

This drill replicates a game situation where, as a striker, you might receive the ball inside a packed penalty box and only have a few seconds to control and finish. Repeating this exercise over and over again will improve your reaction speed and shooting accuracy. Your response to this situation will become second nature, rather than reactive.  


Charlie Austin’s pro tips

Stay composed and be confident in your finish. Before you receive the ball have a look to see where the goalkeeper is and put the ball out of their reach. The goal never moves, it’s up to you to keep a cool head. 

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