"I come from a family of Villa fans: only my uncle was Birmingham City, just to p*ss off my grandad!"
14 September 2011
"I've been at Napoli when the fans have set fire to the seats"
"Highbury had something special about it. I like the Emirates but it's still growing on me"
"It cost City £350 million to win a trophy worth £2 million!"
"I could win Wrestlemania, but I'd prefer Preston staying up"
24 August 2010
"We could get Ibrahimovic. I know that sounds weird, but I could see it. He’d fit in at Spurs...."
"Even if we’d won the Europa League, beating Juve would still have been the highlight. A ridiculous game, unbelievable."
"United are still in the Simon Cowell trousers..."
1 September 2009
"I have to wear an ankle brace when I play tennis, as a result of a football injury"
"Why doesn't David Beckham buy Rotherham and build a team up? The kids would love to meet me and Barry"


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