Liam Gallagher: Sing When You're Winning

I’m all for it – why not? If you haven’t got any money no one will come and see you. What happened with Mark Hughes was a bit unfair and I don’t like that because it puts us in that Chelsea bracket. If you start f**king about with people like that I think it gives us a bad name. The other side of it is Mark Hughes had to go: you can’t draw seven games on the trot if you have been given all that money... that’s life.

What do you reckon to Mancini?
I reckon he’ll be top but it's early days; he’ll attract some good players. I like the way he is giving everyone a run-out: if it’s not working, he changes it there and then. He put Robinho on the other day and it still wasn’t happening so he was right off. He’s got the balls, he’s calm and he’s confident and that’s what we need. To finish top four this season would do for me. We might win a cup. You can’t spend that amount of money and f**k about not getting into Europe!

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Richard Purden is a freelance writer based in Scotland contributing to Four Four Two since 2003 as well as wide variety of newspapers and magazines around Europe. He has written three books on Celtic including We Are Celtic Supporters. Among his favourite interviews are Oasis duo Noel and Liam Gallagher, Rod Stewart and Henrik Larsson.