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The best Balenciaga trainers on the market right now

Balenciaga trainers

Like it or not, Spanish brand Balenciaga single-handedly changed our idea of what trainers are supposed to look like with their oversized shoes loved by everybody from Rhianna to Pharrell. 

They’re not to everybody’s taste, and with a price tag to make your average adidas fan wince, are nothing if not a talking point. To a new generation of streetwear obsessed fashionistas, though, Balenciaga represent a new era in footwear. Here’s our guide to the different styles on offer...


Triple S 

Balenciaga triple s

These infamous Balenciaga trainers have a triple-stacked sole, which means basketball, running and track midsoles have all been piled together to create one mad shoe. 

It’s the trainer equivalent of those burgers with the buns made of chicken breast that are truly a product of the modern age. The Triple S comes in a variety of colourways, from garish neon and primary colour combos to the more subtle all white. It’s a statement shoe like no other on the market today. 

£650 from


Balenciaga speed

The sock trainer is now something of a modern phenomenon, but they don’t come any more luxurious than Balenciaga’s effort. With a plain stretch-knit upper atop an oversized sole, they scream sleek futuristic cool. 

Their unusual nature means you need to don the full look to really pull them off. When worn well, however, with a track pant or rolled-up wide-legged trouser, they really shine. 

Balenciaga Speed £540 from

Race Runners 

Balenciaga race runners

The easiest pair to wear on this list, the Race Runners are a good bet for those wanting to dip their toe into Balenciaga waters without going all out. 

Their minimalist silhouette make them an easy win for smartening up under a tailored trouser leg at work, and they come in at the more affordable end of an admittedly very pricey spectrum. 

Balenciaga Race Runners £455 from


Balenciaga track

Modelled on classic running silhouettes, the Balenciaga Track are the newest and arguably most out-there of all the brand’s sneaker designs. 

Layers of leather and mesh criss-cross over a super chunky sole fused together from nine individual parts. The level of detail is not for the faint-hearted, but what makes this shoe truly unique. 

Balenciaga Track £615 from

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