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Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund: The story in Stats Zone screens

The Champions League semi-finals have been perfect for Stats Zone, our award-winningFREE analysis app. Here's a sample of the screens that were shared during and after last night's Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund game...

Despite late worries, Dortmund survived the onslaught (23 shots, 7 on target vs 9 shots, 3 on target) to reach the final.

Madrid started and finished the game at furious pace, but couldn't keep it going for the full 90 minutes. They had 7 attempts in the first 20 minutes, but none in the next 20.

Indeed, as editor @GaryParkinson screenshared, Madrid only managed 2 shots on target before 80th minute â and 5 after

Neither of the two main strikers had a great night. Robert Lewandowski got 2 of his 5 shots on target, Cristiano Ronaldo 1/6.

Madrid attempted 42 crosses, Dortmund made 66 clearances. These things are not entirely unrelated.

Indeed, it's worth a closer look at Dortmund's defensive stats. They made 37 tackles and 27 interceptions â and 50 of those 66 clearances were in the 2nd half.

Overall, Madrid completed 484 passes to Dortmund's 228.

The teams attempted a similar number of long passes but Madrid were more than twice as accurate. Madrid's were frequently to switch the focus of attack, while Dortmund's were nearly all vertical as they looked to break.

Both teams were careful not to commit fouls in front of their box, as @âªCombinationPlaâ¬y noted. Madrid fouled high up the pitch â away from set-piece problems but also when Dortmund were breaking.

Marco Reus provided an outlet all over the pitch, trying to cover for the early loss of Mario Götze.

And finally, our favourite screen of last night, as discovered by âª@archiert1â¬. The Player Influence screen shows each man's average position and involvement (the busier the player, the larger the text). Remembering that Stats Zone always shows teams attacking from left to right, the Player Influence screen from 80-90 minutes perfectly illustrates Madrid's late, doomed dominance.

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